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          The history of our company started in 1991. We are a family company. At first the plant was a slaughterhouse where livestock was purchased from local farmers and came from its own production. Owing to its determination and hard work, the company was quickly recognized by customers, which resulted in a bigger demand for its products.

          As it turned out that the demand significantly exceeded the plant's capacity, in 1994 a new production facility started to be built. The company owners decided that the facility built from scratch should comply with, or even significantly exceed, the standards connected with the construction of such facilities. In the middle of nowhere a facility was created which ensured a proper and ecological production cycle with a full technical base. One of the basic elements of the process was launching an after-production waste treatment plant. The construction was finished in 1996. At that time a modern administration and trade facility was also constructed. The investments made it possible to extend the range of products, improve the quality of products manufactured and significantly increase production capacity, and for the employees it meant working in European conditions.

          The following years of the company activities were characterized, among other, by investments in order to reduce negative effects the company had on the environment. It was done by extending the waste treatment plant and changing the cooling system for a modern one and, simultaneously, for one that was more environmentally friendly.

          Out of concern for safety and high product quality, in 2004 quality management systems ISO 9001 and HACCP were introduced. These are systems which provide customers with the certainty that the whole production process in the company is fully monitored and controlled and that production is of the highest quality.